Alphabetical Listing by Unit


Contemporary Issues Unit

"Girl Scout Engineering Day", Beth A. Todd, Kristin L. Wilson, and Stormy L. Speer

"Engineering Education in the United Arab Emirates", Kamal Ali


Administrative/Research Unit

"Retention of the 1994 Freshman Class: a Six-year Longitudinal Study",
Charles D. Haynes, The University of Alabama

"Partnership in Engineering Education",
Fazil T. Najafi and Rajarajan Subramanian, University of Florida

"Proven New Technology Transfer Initiatives Hasten Research Implementation",
Fazil T. Najafi and D. Gibson Peaslee, University of Florida


Civil Engineering Division/Computer Engineering/Technology Unit

"Can't decide? Use them all!", Gary Johnsey

"Collaborative Learning in a Design Course", Terry A. Weigel

"Developing the Communications Skills of Engineering Undergraduates: Program Models that Meet the Needs of Students, Institutions, and Industry", Deanna Rogers, Elisabeth Alford, and Deborah Bosley

"Development of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Management with a Concentration in Construction Management at Christian Brothers University",
Eugene McGinnis, Neal F. Jackson and Siripong Malasri, Christian Brothers University

"Development of the Capstone Design Experience in a Rural, Regional University", Theodore D. Thiede and Scott R. Hickman

"Engineering Management for Undergraduates", W. Jeff Davis and Dennis Fallon

"Engineering Materials and Technology Resources on CD ROM", James A. Jacobs

"Enhancing the Teaching of Moment Distribution Analysis Using a Spreadsheet", Karen C. Chou

"Including Geomatics as an Essential Element of the Civil Engineering Curriculum", Wayne A. Sarasua and W. Jeff Davis

"Interactive Mathematical Modeling Using Graphical Programming", Raghu B. Korrapati and Nikunja K. Swain

"Introducing Engineering Management into Construction--A Five-Year Retrospective", Paul Chinowsky and Gena Abraham

"Learning Statics with Multimedia", Samruam Tongtoe and Siegfried M. Holzer

"A Little Prozac To Wash Down Those Fluids? Integrating Educational Psychology With Engineering Education", Scott A. Yost and Anna P. Phillips

"Maximizing Retention in Engineering/Engineering Technology", Elaine L. Craft

"Multicampus Multidisciplinary Curriculum Development in Transportation Engineering", Norb Delatte, Michael Anderson, Kathleen Leonard and John McFadden

"PowerPoint Presentations: Do They Really Work?", Richard O. Mines

"Professional Ethics Education in Engineering and Engineering Technology", John W. Lipscomb and Eyler R. Coates

"Raising Computer Competency of Freshman Engineering Students", Shahnam Navaee

"Revising a Civil Engineering Curriculum at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga",
Joseph O. Owino and Ewin P. Foster

"Saving Time, Tempers, And Tears: A Quantified Method Of Assessment In Engineering Education", Scott A.Yost, A. Philips, and P. Palazolo

"Send a Kid to Camp, the Engineering Way", John E. Riester

"Solving Radiation Heat Transfer Using Visual BASIC Programming", Pu Sen Yeh

"Statistical Evaluation of a "Boot Camp" Course for Preparing Students for Success in a FORTRAN Programming Class", Ken Christensen, Hiroshi Fujinoki, and Dewey Rundus

"Student Skill-Building Using Internet Resources", Fazil T. Najafi and Daniel C. Dobson

"A Study of Engineering Students Interaction with Distributed Virtual Reality in the Classroom", Tulio Sulbaran and Nelson C. Baker

"Undergraduate Summer Research in Structural Engineering", Norb Delatte

"UNIX and High-level Language Education Using Windows Operating Systems", Mitch A. Thornton and R.W. Skeith


Electrical Engineering/Industrial Engineering/Mechanical Unit

"Analytical and Numerical Methods: A Beneficial Combination", Loren B. S. Sumner and William M. Moses

"Choosing a Telecommunications Curriculum for Electrical Engineering Technology", Walter E. Thain, Thomas Fallon, and Jeffery Wagner

"Computer Based Instrumentation: Hands-On and Remote Operation", Jim Henry and Masoud Naghedolfeizi

"Design and Manufacturing Curriculum in Industrial Engineering at Mercer University", R. Radharanaman

"Electric Circuit Analysis Using Pspice and Voltage Maps", Russell Puckett

"Enhancing the Educational Process Through a Supplemental Reading Initiative", Stanley F. Bullington and Allen G. Greenwood

"Explaining Convolution Using MATLAB", Thomas E. Murphy

"Hands-On Inventive Solutions in Engineering Design", Daniel Raviv

"An Industrial Controls Course Sequence for Manufacturing Engineering Technology", Scott Southall

"Comparison of Solving Electromagnetic Field Problems with Computer Using Matlab and Maple Software", Jeng-Nan Juang,

"LabVIEW in the Electronics Lab", Mark McKinney

"The Mini-Lab Round Robin: The Alternative To Demonstration Labs", Ronald U. Goulet and Joseph Owino

"A Modern Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Laboratory", Charles Knight and Gary McDonald

"A Multiple Issue Design Project", Devdas M. Pai and G.J. Filatovs

"A Simple Multi-Axis Stepper Motor Controller Using a PC Parallel Port", Paul J. Wilder, James D. McBrayer, and Kenneth A. Woechan

"The Use of Mathcad In A Graduate Level Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Class", Louay M. Chamra, Stephen T. McClain, and Soon-Seng Tang

"Using Classical Concepts to Motivate Modern Mechanism Analysis and Synthesis Methods", Robert LeMaster

"Web-Based Presentation of Course Objectives Across an Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Degree Program", Joey K. Parker and Charles L. Karr


Instructional Unit

"A Beneficial Tool for Learning in College Leveled Classes", Fazil T. Najafi and Sofia M. Vidalis

"Can Our Engineering Students Estimate?", Ted Branoff, Aaron C. Clark, and William M. Waters, Jr.

"Capstone Design Course with Industry Collaboration", Cecelia M. Wigal, Robert T. Bailey, and Ronald U. Goulet

"The Citadel 101 Freshman Initiative", Kenneth P. Brannan, J.A. Murden, R.H. Stout, D.J. Fallon, and W.J. Davis

"Grade Forecasting as a Motivational Tool for Freshmen Students", S. Michael Wells

"An 'Introduction to Engineering' Course for the Purpose of Student Retention and Recruitment at the University of South Alabama", Edmund Tsang, Robert Foley, Paul Darring, and James Van Haneghan

"Peer Evaluation in Senior Engineering Design", Robert T. Bailey, Cecelia M. Wigal, and Ronald U. Goulet

"Role of True-False Tests In Engineering Education", Laura W. Lackey and W. Jack Lackey

"A Solution to the 'I-Never-Do-the-Text-Reading-Assignment' Problem", Robert I. Gray

"Student Achievement in Learning CAD and Course Content in Introductory Engineering Graphics Courses at North Carolina State University", Alice Scales and Barbara Kirby

"Successfully Applying the Supplemental Instruction Model to Sophomore-level Engineering Courses", Catherine M. Blat, Stephen Myers, Kathleen Nunnally, and Patricia Tolley

"Teamwork in Engineering Education--Know the SCORE", John W. Peeples

"Using CADKEY to Solve Intersections of Lateral Surface Solids", Frank M. Croft

"Using Class Projects to Develop a Digital Library of Case Studies", Shih-Liang Wang

"Virginia Tech's Freshman Engineering Program",
Jeffrey B. Connor and J.C. Malzahn Kampe, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University