Technical Session


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Chemical & Civil

Engineering 1

Civics and Homeland Security in a Chemical Process Safety Course


David L. Silverstein; University of Kentucky

 Incorporating Projects and Problems in a Thermodynamics Course to Improve Critical Thinking / Real-World Problem Solving

 Donald P. Visco, Jr.;  Tennessee Technological University

 Group Homework's: A Mutually Beneficial Cooperative Learning Strategy


 Adrienne R. Minerick; Mississippi State University

 ABET Binders Simpler and More Efficient Approach to Map Program Outcomes and Educational Objective

 Mario Oyanader; Venkat Subramanian, Joseph Biernacki and Pedro Arce; Tennessee Technological University

 Using E-Homework to Provide Disaggregate Problem Solving Assessment in a Senior-Level Traffic

Engineering Course

 Steven M. Click; Tennessee Technological University




 A Hands-on Approach to Computer Security Instruction

 Rayford B. Vaughn Jr. and David A. Dampier; Mississippi State University

 A Laboratory Framework for the Synthesis and Analysis of DSP Hardware Systems

Tyson S. Hall; Southern Adventist University

Construction of Parallel Machines for Engineering Courses with Retired Personal Computers


Yili Tseng and Claude M. Hargrove; North Carolina A & T State University

 Seminar-Based Electromagnetics Education

Zhaoxian Zhou; University of Southern Mississippi


Civil Engineering

Division 1

 A Field Investigation of a Large Collapsed Structure:A Student Engagement Project


Shane M. Palmquist and Ronald E. Gallagher; Western Kentucky University

Model Bridge Building Competition:  An Outreach Project to get High School Students Involved in Engineering

Atin Sinha; Albany State University

K-12 Exposure to Water Quality, Treatment, Resources and Management at the Florida Aquarium as an Outreach Activity During a Large Professional Conference K. D. Thomas, S. W. Thomas, E. Fernandez, J. A. Howard, E. Omisca, A. Gerken, L. Tyler, S. Carpenter-van Dijk, and M. A. Trotz; University of South Florida/Florida Aquarium/ASCE

Fostering Critical Thinking Skills in an Environmental Engineering Water and Wastewater Treatment Class Through A Hands-On Semester Project

Lenly J. Weathers; Tennessee Technological University

 Mississippi Summer Transportation Institute 2007

Donna S. Reese, Emma E. Seiler and Dennis D. Truax;

Mississippi State University




Division 1

 Development of ‘Material Selection’ curriculum in an Integrated Science and Technology Program


 Abdelrahman Rabie; James Madison University

 An Example of Vertical Integration in an Engineering Curriculum

 Evelyn Brown, Rick Williams, and Purvis Bedenbaugh; East Carolina University

The KNEED Program: A Novel Model for Small High-Tech Business and University Cooperation


David M. Feinauer, Donna Hewett and Bruce L. Walcott; University of Kentucky

Teaching Engineering and Science Students Computer-based Measurement Systems using Real-World Applications

Masoud Naghedolfeizi, Ugur Tanriver and Sanjeev Arora;

Fort Valley State University



Technology 1

 Beyond the Barriers:   The Incorporation of Service Learning in Technology Programs

 Jessica L. Buck and Elizabeth McInnis; Jackson State University/Mississippi State University

 Academic Support Services and Student Engagement: Strategies to Improve Student Retention and to Promote Student Professional Development


 E. Bernard White; George Mason University

 Using Student Engagement Projects in an Engineering Technology Program to Stimulate Regional Economic Development


 Robert Anderson, Phillip Sanger and  Michael Smith;

Western Carolina University

Innovative Teaching Methods in Information Technology Classrooms

Angela Lemons; North Carolina A & T State University

 Remote Labs for Online Courses with Hands-On Work

 Andy Ju An Wang; Southern Polytechnic State University



Division 1

 Instructional Technology Tools: Exploring What’s New

Mohammad Obadat and Steve Holt; University of Tennessee –Martin

A Method to Improve Course Instruction by Utilizing Teleconferencing Techniques

Claude Hargrove, Walter Gilmore, and Fereshteh Fatehi; North Carolina A&T State University

Hands-on Learning with Computer Simulation Modules for Dynamic Systems


Hodge Jenkins; Mercer University

Cell Phones As Tools For Learning, Information, and Security on Our Campuses

Donald U. Ekong; Mercer University

Integration of Distance Learning Technology into Traditional Engineering Physical Laboratory Exercises


D. Schaefer, D. Scott, G. Molina, Y. Al- Kalaani, T. Murphy, W. Johnson, and P. Thamburaj Goeser; Georgia Institute of Technology/Georgia Southern University/Armstrong Atlantic State University



Division 2

Surviving Engineering: From a Minority Female Perspective

Jacquelyn R. Mobley; Ecology & Environment, Inc.

Building Bridges:  Providing Special Programs for Minority Retention


Shirley Scott-Harris and Jeffrey W. Fergus; Auburn University

INSPIRE:  A Low-Cost, Urban Pre-College Engineering Program


Brenda G. Hart, Veronica Hinton-Hudson, and James E. Lewis; University of Louisville

Involvement of Women Engineers at Mercer University

Monika Bubacz, Joan M. Burtner, Laura Lackey and Laura E. Moody; Mercer University

A Successful “Women in Engineering Camp” for High School Students

Thomas B. Brackman and C. Dale Elifrits; Northern Kentucky University

Applying the Key Findings of the EWEP Needs Assessment Final Report to a Single-Gender Outreach Program


Robert Hewitt and Thomas Banning; University of Memphis



Division 3

A National Jobs Information Database:  Implications for Outcomes Assessment


Robert A. Chin; East Carolina University

Enhanced Project-based Learning  Using Peer-Feedback


Adrian Ieta and Y. Charles Lu; Murray State University/University of Kentucky

Automation of Outcomes Based Assessment

Samir Khoury, Andrew Jackson, Merwan Mehta, and Leslie Pagliari; East Carolina University

A Comparison of Information Literacy of Freshmen and Seniors at VMI and UTC

Claire McCullough and Peter Hoadley; University of Tennessee at Chattanooga / Virginia Military Institute

Evaluation of Viability of Alternative Energy Educational Programs in the United States

Melissa Bliss and Robert Engelken; Arkansas State University

The Hidden Costs and Benefits of Part Time PhD Degrees



Timothy Pratt; Virginia Tech



Technology 2

 Emphasizing Sustainability Principles in Developing Building Technology Courses: Engineering Educational and Research Collaboration Between Egypt and USA

Sherief A. Sheta and Robert A. Chin; Mansoura University/East Carolina University

A Low Cost Environmental Test Chamber for Teaching Engineering and Technology Students

Aaron K. Ball, Chip Ferguson, and Frank Miceli;

Western Carolina University/Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College

A Multisite Case Study of Faculty and Teacher Perceptions of NCETE Professional Development Workshops on Engineering Design Content


Paul A. Asunda; Tennessee Technological University

Identification of Quality Indicators of Visual-Based Learning Material in Technology Education Programs for Grades 7-12.

Petros J Katsioloudis; Berea College

Engineering Technology Explained in Math and Science --- A New Course


Zhaoxian Zhou; University of Southern Mississippi


Research Division

Interdisciplinary Research for Engineering Skills Development



Angel E. González-Lizardo, Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

Industrial Research and the Academic Connection at a Regional University

Andrew C. Kellie and Daniel Claiborne; Murray State University

Undergraduate Research Initiative


Roobik Gharabagi and Kyle Mitchell; Saint Louis University

An REU Experience on the Industrial Applications of Sensing, Modeling, and Control


Mohamed Abdelrahman and Sally Pardue; Tennessee Technological University

Fostering Undergraduate Engineering Research in a Public University


S. Midturi; University of Arkansas at Little Rock


Civil Engineering 2

Statistical Analysis of Law Enforcement Surveillance Impact on Sample Construction Zones in Mississippi (Part 1:  Descriptive)


Tulio Sulbaran and David Marchman; University of Southern Mississippi

 Development and Implementation of an Industry Accelerated Construction Management Capstone Course


David L. Batie and Danny Morton, East Carolina University

Creating Animated Multimedia Problem Solutions


Michael H. Woo; The Citadel

Statistical Analysis of Law Enforcement Surveillance Impact on Sample Construction Zones in Mississippi (Part 2: Inferential)

Tulio Sulbaran and David Marchman; University of Southern Mississippi

Impact of Metal Hangers on Landfills: Case Study

Carlos A. Ortiz and Catherine Armstrong;

Southern Polytechnic State University/ Georgia Department of Transportation





Division 4

Using LEGO® Robotics for K-12 Engineering Outreach


Bill B. Elmore and Emma Seiler; Mississippi State University

University Freshman Retention in North Carolina

George Ford and Ron Mau; Western Carolina University

A Faculty’s Approach to Retention

Claude Hargrove and Ronnie Rollins; North Carolina A&T State University

Building Continuous Loop Learning Communities: An Engineering Outreach Case Study


Deborah Besser, Gerry Swan, Thomas Dziubla and Richard Eitel; University of Kentucky

Advising Students with WebCT Vista: A Pilot Project


Andy Ju An Wang; Southern Polytechnic State University



Technology 3

Distance Learning in Engineering Technology at  Western Carolina University: Celebrating Success and Looking Toward the Future


William L. McDaniel and Aaron K. Ball; Western Carolina University

A Comparison of Exam Scores Between Fully Online and Lecture Supplement Sections

John W. Lipscomb, Jr.; University of Southern Mississippi

Integrating LabVIEW® into Engineering Technology Curricula


Wes Stone, Aaron K. Ball, and Brian Howell; Western Carolina University

2007 Packaging Summer Programs at Christian Brothers University


S. Malasri, A. Ray, Y. Zhou, J. Ventura, P. Shiue, A. Pourhashemi; Christian Brothers University/FedEx Express