Conference Papers for Monday, April 7, 2003

10:15 to 11:45 AM

Technical Session 3: Four Concurrent Sessions

Freshmen Engineering Instruction - Moderator: Cecelia M. Wigal 1. Wigal, Cecelia M. and McMahon, Ed -  Introducing Freshmen to the Design Process
2. Phillips, Taunya A.  - Educating for Success in Engineering: Reshaping the First-Year Experience
3. Tawfiq, Kamal and Nnaji, Soronnadi  - Interactive Hypermedia for First Year Engineering Laboratory (ENG1004L)

Bioengineering Division - Moderator: Edward O'Brien

1. O'Brien, Edward M. - Teaching the PIC Microcontroller Using Assembly and Basic, a High Level Language
2. Jones, Frank  and Bailey, Rob - Simulation and Experimentation in Microbioreactor Design: Incorporation into Engineering Education
3. El-Said, Khaled and Hosni, Yasser - Rapid Prototype Modeling of Congenital Cardiovascular Malformations Feasibility Study
4. Johnson, Timothy A., Goldberg, Richard L., Quint, Stephen R., Finley, Charles C., Hsiao, Henry S., and Knisley, Stephen B. - Accommodating an Expanding Curriculum with Limited Resources
Industrial Engineering Division - Moderator: Shelia Barnett 1. Barnett, Shelia, Burtner, Joan, Radharamanan, Ramachandran, and Schultz, Scott - Bringing Real World Experiences into the Industrial Engineering Classroom: From the Introductory Course to Senior Design
2.Patton, David, Sankar, Chetan S., and Raju, P.K.  - Connecting Theory and Practice in an Undergraduate Telecommunications Course
3. Hunter, Sr., Kenneth W.,  Matson, Jessica O.  and Schwandt, Michael J.- Industrial Engineering at Warp Speed
4. Kulonda, Dennis J.  - Using Cases to Teach Product Costing Concepts
Electrical Engineering Division - Moderator: Clayton Paul 1. Paul, Clayton R. - A One-Semester Course in Electric Circuit Analysis
2. Jerse, Thomas A. - The Use of Numerical Modeling Tools to Foster Practical Insight into the Mechanisms of Electromagnetic Interference and Its Control
3. McKinney, Mark H. - LabVIEW in the Undergraduate EE Classroom - The Rebirth of the Measurements Lab
4. Juang, Jeng-Nan and Pino III, Salvatore - Matlab Calculation Software for the Temperature Resolution Capability of Satellite Radiometer Systems

1:45 to 3:30 PM

Technical Session 4: Four Concurrent Sessions

Technical Communications - Moderator: Marjorie T. Davis 1. Davis, Marjorie T.  - Aliens in the Neighborhood: Technical Communicators as Engineering Faculty
2. Grady, Helen  - Teaching the 'Softer Side' of Engineering
3. Codone, Susan  - Problem-Based Learning and Real-World Objectives
4. Hoyhoe, George  - Modeling Distance Learning in Professional Graduate Education
Instructional Technology Division - Moderator: Bill Moses 1. Harbort, Bob  - Using Portfolios to Develop Ethics and Professionalism in Undergraduates
2. Nasab, Ahad S., Boles, Walter W., Taylor, Rick, Martin, Travis, Klutts, Thomas, Ray, Jason, Melton, Keith, McGrady,Chase,  and Redington, Kevin - Learning Robotics through Participation in a National Design Contest
3. Effiong, Chris B., Graves, Corey A., and Erkal, Cahit - A Structured Development of Engineering Curriculum with Course Content Continuum
Environmental Engineering Division - Moderator: Richard Mines 1. Mines, Jr., Richard O. - Bringing Reality into Environmental Engineering
2. Huddleston, David H. - Water Resource Engineering Illustration Using Excel
3. Flora, Joseph R.V., and Cooper, Adrienne T. - Students Designing their Own Laboratory Experiments-The Experience of 4 Semesters
4. Yeh, P.S. - Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), A Case History of Environmental Contamination in Anniston, Alabama
Instructional Division - Moderator: Aaron Clark

1. Visco, Jr., Donald P. - Developing a Unit on Comparative Thermodynamics Using a Novel Technique to Solve the Phase Coexistence Problem
2. Javed, Adnan and Najafi, Fazil T. - Using State-of-the-Art Technology in Internationalizing Engineering Education
3. Xue, Yajiong, Sankar, Chetan S., and Mbarika, Victor W.A.  - Multimedia and Virtual Teams: Results of an Experimental Research
4. Rupf, John A. - Augmenting Student Motivation

3:45 to 5:00 PM Technical Session 5: Four Concurrent Sessions Engineering Graphics Division - Moderator: Aaron Clark 1. Clark, Aaron - Basic Technical Animation: A New Course Offering for Our Students
2. Branoff, Ted  - Three-Dimensional Constraint-Based Modeling: The Big Issues
3. Scales, Alice Y.  - Writing Effective Software Tutorials for the Delivery through the World Wide Web
Civil Engineering Division - Moderator: Thomas R. Dion 1. Dion, Thomas R., and Fallon, Dennis J. - Bringing Reality into Senior Civil Engineering Design Project Using the Q-dep Approach
2. Hoadley, Peter W., and Groves, James R. - Communication Across the Civil Engineering Curriculum
3. Palazolo, Paul and Phillips-Lambert, Anna  - Divide and Conquer: Teaching Programming from a Visual Perspective
4. Mays, T.W., Plemmons, J.K., Murden, J.A., Brannan, K.P. - Fine-Tuning the Frequency of Testing
Software Engineering Division - Moderator: Barbara Bernal Thomas 1. Thomas, Barbara Bernal  - Challenges within the Virtual Classroom
2. Rutherfoord, Rebecca H.  - The Law - Issues for the Software Engineering Educator
3. Duggins, Sheryl  - Bringing Problem Solving into the Classroom: Constructivist Redesign of a Software Engineering Course
4. Tsui, Frank  - Simple Software but Not So Simple Implementation
5. Dampier, David A., and Philip, Thomas - Using Software Engineering Classes to Support K-12 Education
Freshmen Engineering Instruction - Moderator: Phil Olivier 1. Devens, Patrick E. and York, Steven C.  - "BattleBots" - An Integrated Team-Based Design/Build Course
2. Wells, S. Michael and Craven, Kristine  - Factors Contributing to Poor Motivation of Freshmen Engineering Students
3. Asadian, Fariborz, Naghedolfeizi, Masoud and Arora, Sanjeev - Enhancing the Instruction of Mathematics to Engineering Majors through Multidisciplinary and Collaborative Initiatives

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