* Members of the Executive Board

Unit Officers

  • Programs Unit
    Chair: Michael Woo
    Vice-Chair: Keith Plemmons
    Secretary: Don Visco

  • Awards and Recognition Unit
    Chair: Joseph Owino
    Vice-Chair: Claire McCullough
    Secretary: Alice Scales
  • Publications and Promotions
    Chair: Don Visco
    Vice-Chair: Brent Jenkins
    Secretary: Scott Schultz

Division Officers

  • Administrative
    Chair: C. Wayne Unsell
    Vice-Chair:  Ken Brannan
    Secretary: Richard Mines

  • Bioengineering
    Chair: Mike Boyette

  • Chemical Engineering
    Chair: Priscilla Hill
    Vice-Chair: Venkat Subramanian
    Secretary: David Silverstein

  • Civil Engineering
    Chair: Paul Palazolo
    Vice-Chair: Shane Palmquist
    Secretary: John Murden

  • Computer Engineering and Technology
    Chair: Dan Kohn
    Vice-Chair: Tyson Hall
    Secretary: Gary Johnsey

  • Electrical Engineering
    Chair:  Randy Buchanan
    Vice-Chair: Salame Amr
    Secretary:  Zhaoxian Zhou

  • Engineering Design Graphics
    Chair: Ted Branoff
    Vice-Chair: Alice Scales

  • Engineering Technology
    Chair: Peter Romine
    Vice-Chair: Sandeep Ahuja
    Secretary: John Hannon

  • Industrial Engineering
    Chair: Jessica Matson
    Vice-Chair: Scott Schultz

  • Instructional
    Chair: B. K. Hodge
    Vice-Chair: Hodge Jenkins
    Secretary: Ted Branoff

  • Mechanical Engineering
    Chair: Hodge Jenkins
    Vice-Chair: Loren Sumner
    Secretary: Marcy C. Emplaincourt

  • Professional Skills
    Chair: Peter Hoadley
    Vice Chair: Peter Romine
    Secretary: John Hannon

  • Research
    Chair: Kevin Bower
    Vice-Chair: Tim Mays
    Secretary: Sally Pardue

  • Software Engineering
    Chair: Masoud Naghedolfeizi
    Vice-Chair: Barbara Bernal Thomas
    Secretary: Juan Carlos Guzman

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