ASEE Southeastern Section 2007
Student Poster Session

Advancing Scholarship in Engineering Education: Lessons Learned from a Year of Dialog

Student Poster Competition Abstracts

The Southeastern Section of the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) has solicited extended abstracts from undergraduate students to present in a poster session at this year's conference. The students will be entered in one of the following categories:

  • Freshman/Sophomore Engineering and/or Engineering Technology Design Teams
  • Junior/Senior Engineering and/or Engineering Technology Design Teams
  • Undergraduate Research

The following section contains the extended abstracts from this year's student participants. During a morning judging section, they will be evaluated on their abstract, poster, and communication skills. In the afternoon, the Research Division encourages all conference attendees to stop by and learn from students about the wonderful projects going on throughout the section.


# 1 Isolation of endothelial cells from peripheral blood by microfluidics
No Author
# 2 Dissipation of Energy in Structures Due to Earthquakes
Steven J. Fulmer and Mathew C. Butsick
# 3

No Title
Adam W. Meyer

# 4 The Effect of Charged Nanoparticles on the Separation of Proteins by Gel Electrophoresis
Hope E Sedrick, Jennifer R Bollig, Dr. Holly Stretz, and Dr. Pedro Arce
# 5 Families Of Hygrothermally Stable Asymmetric Laminated Composites
Robert A. Haynes
# 6 Autonomously Controlled E-Maxx: ACE
Tim Adams and Trevor Garson
# 7 Traffic Engineering Research in South Carolina
Timothy J. Lewis
# 8 The Effect of a Helium Environment on the Grain Structure of Cast Aluminum
M.C. Merrill
# 9 Evaluating Fracture Toughness of Polymers
Seth Cannon and Dr. Judy Schneider
# 10 Evaluating Fracture Toughness of Polymers
Seth Cannon and Dr. Judy Schneider
# 11 Ultrasonic Evaluation of the Fusion Level of Expanded Polystyrene Foam James Klein
# 12 Non-Deterministic Design of Utility-Scale Wind Energy Systems
Robert Scott
# 13 The Effects of Micromixing on Heterogeneous Catalysis in Microbioreactor Channels
Stephanie Wilson and Dr. Frank Jones
# 14 Thomas the Train as a Mobile Communication Stand
Marshall Stout
# 15 Application of Lyapunov Exponents to Damaged Ship Stability Cases
William R. Story
# 16 Monitor Mount System
Ely Wineland, Jonathan Blanco, Joshua Best, Alex Gomez
# 17 Evaluating Fracture Toughness of Polymers
Seth Cannon and Dr. Judy Schneider
# 18 Modeling Aspects and Control of Counter Gravity Systems
Malik Davis