Conference Papers for Tuesday, April 8, 2003

8:00 to 9:45 AM

Technical Session 6: Four Concurrent Sessions

Industrial Engineering Division - Moderator: Bill Moses

1. Lambright, Jonathan P. - Bringing Reality Into the Classroom: Using Industry Strategic Consulting Case Studies to Teach Real World Engineering
2. Smyer, William N. and Walden, Clayton T. - Course Collaboration in the IE: Bringing the Reality of Teaming into the Classroom
3. Resto, Pedro -Interdisciplinary Teams Involved in Industry Projects through a Concurrent Engineering Course
4. Dreyer, Robert and Frinzi, Pam - A Course in Reality: Test Engineering at SPSU

Case Studies Moderator: P.K. Raju

Bringing Reality into the Classroom

SUCCEED - Moderator: Dave Ollis 1. Zhang, Guili, Carter, Rufus, Thorndyke, Brian, Anderson, Tim, and Ohland, Matthew - Are Engineering Students Different from Others?
2. Ollis, David - Elements for Creation of Multidisciplinary Design Projects and Courses
Civil Engineering Division - Moderator: Fazil Najafi 1. Manokhoon, Kitti and Najafi, Fazil T. - Civil Engineering Teaching Methods at the University of Florida and the Mahanakorn University of Technology in Thailand
2. Tapia, Patricio and Najafi, Fazil T. - A Comparison of Civil Engineering Teaching of Florida and the Catholic University of the North, Chile
3. Vidalis, Sofia and Najafi, Fazil T. - Increasing the Diversity in Engineering Education
4. Lipscomb, John W. - Education for Mold Prevention

10:00 AM to 11:45 AM Technical Session 7: Four Concurrent Sessions

Industrial Engineering Division - Moderator: R. Radharamanan

1. Radharamanan, R. - Use of Quality Tools and Standards for Continuous Improvement in Engineering Education
2. Chopra, Prem, Humphrey, Todd and Thomason, Virgil - Relationship between Morality, Ethics and Leadership
3. Khoshnaw, Abdulqadir Ismail and Devgan, Satinderpaul Singh - Development of an Efficient Data Mining System for the WIC Program in the State of Tennessee

Computer Engineering Division - Moderator: Gary Johnsey

1. Johnsey, Gary - Outcomes Assessment Using Web-Based, Student Portfolios
2. Murphy, Thomas - Covering Programming Language Syntax with Reading Assignments, A Failed Experiment?
3. Sriskanda, Nesan - Effectiveness of Teaching and Learning Using Electronic Mail (email) as a Medium of Communication in a Larger Class Environment

Administrative Division - Moderator: Joan Burtner

1. Burtner, Joan and Rogge, Renee - Case Studies in Management Style and Leadership Roles of Faculty Advisors to Student Organizations
2. Hines, Wes and Gramoll, Kurt - Transfer Facilitation for Engineering Students -
3. Burtner, Joan and Barnett, Shelia - A Preliminary Analysis of Employer Rating of Engineering Co-op Students
4. Darnell, John - What Does an "A" Tell Us About Students Today?
Assessment - Moderator: K.P. Brannan 1.Plemmons, J.K., Mays, T.W., and Brannan, K.P. - The "DLOK" Assessment Process
2. Nayfeh, Jamal F., Chuck, Lisa G. M., Pet-Armacost, Julia and Young, Denise - A Web-Based Approach to Conducting and Documenting Assessment of Programs
3. Bradley, Randy V. and Sankar, Chetan S. - Outcomes Assessment: Electronic Surveys versus Paper-Based Surveys
4. McClullough, Claire L. - Engineering the World: An Assignment to Measure the Elusive ABET f, h, and j

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