A CHP-Buildings Instructional Module Hodge, Hardy
A Comparison of Civil Engineering Teaching at the University of Florida and the Catholic University of the North, Chile Najafi, Tapia
A Course in Reality: Test Engineering at SPSU Dreyer, Frinzi
A One-semester Course in Electric Circuit Analysis Paul
A Preliminary Analysis of Employer Ratings of Engineering Co-op Students Burtner, Barnett
A Second Undergraduate Course in Digital Logic Design: The Datapath+Controller-Based Approach Thornton, Collins
A Side Effect of Technology in Instruction Hartfield
A Structured Development of Engineering Curriculum with Course Content Continuum Effiong, Graves, Erkal
A Web-Based Approach to Conducting and Documenting Assessment of Programs Chuck, Nayfeh, Pet-Armacost, Young
Accommodating an Expanding Curriculum with Limited Resources Finley, Goldberg, Hsiao, Johnson, Knisley, Quint
Aliens in the Neighborhood: Technical Communicators as Engineering Faculty Davis
An On Campus Faculty-Directed Team Project An Alternative Industry-Academia Partnership Model Barnett, Langan
Are Engineering Students Different from Others? Zhang, Thorndyke, Carter, Anderson, Ohland
Augmenting Student Motivation Rupf
Basic Technical Animation: A New Course for Our Students Clark
BattleBots Laboratory - An Integrated Team-Based Design/Build Course Devens, York
Bringing Problem Solving into the Classroom: Constructivist Redesign of A software Engineering Course Duggins
Bringing Real World Experiences into the Industrial Classroom: From the Introductory Course to Senior Design Barnett, Burtner, Radharamanan, Schultz
Bringing Reality into Environmental Engineering Mines
Bringing Reality into Senior Civil Engineering Design Projects Using the Q-dep Approach Dion, Fallon
Bringing Reality into the Classroom: A project based approach Farrow, LeMaster
Bringing Reality into the classroom: Using industry strategic consulting case studies to teach real world engineering Lambright
Bringing Reality to the Mechanics of Materials Lab Experimental Problem Based Learning Owino, Goulet
Capstone Design Experience: The MUSE Approach Lackey
Case Studies in Management Style and Leadership Roles of Faculty Advisors to Students Organizations Burtner, Rogge
Challenges within the Virtual Classroom Thomas
Civil Engineering Teaching Methods at the University of Florida and the Mahanakorn University of Technology in Thailand Manokhoon, Najafi
Communication Across the Civil Engineering Curriculum Groves, Hoadley
Connecting Theory and Practice in an Undergraduate Telecommunications Course Patton, Raju, Sankar
Course Collaboration in IE: Bringing the Reality of Teaming into the Classroom Smyer, Walden
Covering Programming Language Syntax with Reading Assignments, A Failed Experiment? Murphy
Developing a Unit on Comparative Thermodynamics Using a Novel Technique to Solve the Phase Coexistence Problem Visco
Development of a Model for Economic Justification of Renewable Energy Distributed Generation Devgan, Khoshnow
Development of an Efficient Data Mining System for the WIC Program in the State of Tennessee Devgan, Khoshnow
Divide and Conquer: Teaching programming from a visual perspective Palazolo, Phillips-Lambert
Educating for Success in Engineering: Re-shaping the First-Year Experience Phillips
Effective distance delivery of technical courses through interactive instruction Asgill, Bellarmine
Effectiveness of Teaching and Learning Using Electronic Mail (email) as a Medium of Communication in a Larger Class Environment Sriskanda
Elements for Creation of Multidisciplinary Design Projects and Courses Ollis
Engineering the World: An Assignment to Measure the Elusive ABET f, h, and j McCullough
Enhancing the Instruction of Mathematics to Engineering Majors through Multidisciplinary and Collaborative Initiatives Naghedolfeizi, Arora, Asadian
Factors Contributing to Poor Motivation of Freshmen Engineering Students Craven, Wells
Fine-tuning the Frequency of Testing Brannan, Mays, Murden, Plemmons
First Results from Introducing Formal Verification to an Advanced Computer Architecture Course Velev
How to Bring Reality into the Classroom through Project Innovation Foroudastan
Increasing the Diversity in Engineering Education Najafi, Vidalis
Industrial Engineering at Warp Speed Hunter, Sr.
Information Systems Security: Distributed Modules or Centralized Course? Eastman, Farkas
Innovative new program in telecommunications engineering technology Asgill, Fallon, Thain
Interactive Hypermedia for First Year Engineering Laboratory (ENG1004L) Nnaji, Tawfiq
Interdisciplinary Teams Involved in Industry Projects through a Concurrent Engineering Course Resto
Introducing Freshmen to the Design Process McMahon, Wigal
LabView in the Undergraduate EE Classroom - The Rebirth of the Measurements Lab McKinney
Learning Robotics through Participation in a National Design Contest Boles, Klutts, Martin, McGrady, Melton, Nasab, Ray, Redington, Taylor
Learning the "Reality" of Professional Ethics Ortiz, Zeigler
Matlab Calculation Software for the Temperature Resolution Capacity of Satellite Radiometer Systems Juang, Pino III
Modeling Distance Learning in Professional Graduate Education Hayhoe
Multimedia and Virtual Teams: Results of an Experimental Research Mbarika, Sankar, Xue
Observed Benefits of an Industrial Partnership: Everyone's a Winner Doran, Hebert, Ragnarsson, Simmons
Outcomes Assessment Using Web-based Student Portfolios Johnsey
Outcomes Assessment: Electronic Surveys versus Paper-based Surveys Bradley, Sankar
Partnering with Industry for a Computer Science and Engineering Capstone Senior Design Course Christensen, Prodanoff, Rundus
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), A Case History of Environmental Contamination in Anniston, Alabama Yeh
Problem-Based Learning and Real-World Objectives Codone
Rapid prototype Modeling of Congenital Cardiovascular Malformations Feasibility Study El-Said
Real Cases and Real Examples in an Introductory Database Management Systems Course Dobbins, Eastman
Recruiting Industry Sponsored Multidisciplinary Projects for Capstone Design Crisalle, Stanfill
Relationship between Morality, Ethics and Leadership Chopra
Representation Issues in Engineering Education Lee
Simple Software but Not So Simple Implementation Tsui
Simulation and Experimentation in Microbioreactor Design: Incorporation into Engineering Education Bailey, Jones
Students Designing their Own Laboratory Experiments-The Experience of 4 Semesters Cooper, Flora
Students Gain Practical Experience Through Laboratory Internship Program Buchanan, Chessher
Succeeding at Teaching Interdisciplinary Design Dougal, Rocheleau
Teaching the PIC Microcontroller Using Assembly and Basic, a High Level Language O'Brien
Teaching the 'Softer Side' of Engineering Grady
Team Building in the Classroom Ingley
The "DLOK" Assessment Process Brannan, Mays, Plemmons
The Law-Issues for the Software Engineering Educator Rutherfoord
The Use of Numerical Modeling Tools to Foster Practical Insight into the Mechanisms of Electromagnetic Interference and its Control Jerse
Three-dimensional Constraint-Based Modeling: The Big Issues Branoff
Tips for Improving Students Awareness of Real World Demands (Class "Ice-Breakers") Dreyer
Transfer Facilitation for Engineering Students Hines
Use of Quality Tools and Standards for Continuous Improvement in Engineering Education Radharamanan
Using Cases to Teach Product Costing Concepts Kulonda
Using Portfolios to Develop Ethics and Professionalism is Undergraduates Harbort
Using Software Engineering Classes to Support K-12 Education Dampier, Philip
Using state-of-the-art technology in enhancing Internationalizing Engineering Education Javed, Najafi
Water Resource Engineering Illustrations Using Excel Huddleston
Web-Based Class Projects Alp
What Does an "A" tell us about Students Today? Darnell
Writing Effective Software Tutorials for the Delivery through the World Wide Web Scales