Conference Papers for Sunday, April 6, 2003

1:00 to 2:45 PM

Technical Session 1

"Two Concurrent Sessions, Workshop 1, & Workshop 2"

Mechanical Engineering Division
Moderator: B.K. Hodge
1. Ingley, H.A. - Team Building in the Classroom  
2. Owino, Joseph and Goulet, Ronald U. - Bringing Reality to the Mechanics of Materials: Experiential Problem Based Learning
3. Hodge, B.K. and Hardy, J.D. - A Cooling, Heating, and Power for Buildings (CHP-B) Instructional Module

Engineering Design Division

Moderator: Laura Lackey

1. Lackey, Laura W. - A Capstone Design Experience: The MUSE Approach
2. Stanfill, R. Keith and Crisalle, Oscar - Recruiting Industry Sponsored Multidisciplinary Projects for Capstone Design
3. Christensen, Ken, Rundus, Dewey and Genova, Zornitza - Partnering with Industry for a Computer Science and Engineering Capstone Senior Design Course

4. Rocheleau, David N. and Dougal, Roger A. - Succeeding at Teaching Interdisciplinary Design
Workshop 1 A Student-centered Approach to Effective Teaching in Engineering Courses, Keith Schimmel, PhD, PE
Workshop 2 The Art and Technology of Teaching Technology, Robert J. Herrick and J. Michael Jacob

3:00 to 5:00 PM

Technical Session 2:

"Three Concurrent Sessions and Workshop 3"

Computer Engineering Division

Moderator: Aaron S. Collins

1. Eastman, Caroline and Farkas, Csilla - Information Systems Security: Distributed Modules or Centralized Course?
2. Thornton, Mitchell A. and Collins, Aaron S. - A Second Undergraduate Course in Digital Logic Design: The Datapath+Controller-Based Approach
3. Velev, Miroslav N. - First Results from Introducing Formal Verification to an Advanced Computer Architecture Course
4. Dobbins, James G. and Eastman, Caroline M. - Using Real Cases in an Introductory Database Management Course
5. Doran, Michael V., Hebert, Jerrolyn A., Ragnarsson, Haukur and Simmons, W. Eugene - Observed Benefits of an Industrial Partnership: Everyone's a Winner
6. Langan, David and Barnett, Les - An On Campus Faculty-Directed Team Project An Alternative Industry-Academia Partnership Model

Instructional Division

Moderator: Cecelia Wigal

1. LeMaster, Robert and Farrow, David - Bringing Reality into the Classroom: A Project Based Approach
2. Lee, William E. III - Representation Issues in Engineering Education

3. Alp, Neslihan - Web-Based Class Projects

4. Buchanan, Randy K. and Chessher, Brett J. - Students Gain Practical Experience through Laboratory Interships
5. Dreyer, Robert N. - Tips for Improving Students Awareness of Real World Demands

Engineering Technology Division

Moderator: Ken Brannan

1. Asgill, Austin B., Fallon, Tom, Thain, Walt - Innovative New Program in Telecommunications Engineering Technology
2. Zeigler, Timothy W. and Ortiz, Carlos - Learning the "Reality" of Professional Ethics
3. Foroudastan, Saeed D. - How to Bring Reality into the Classroom through Project Innovation
4. Hartfield, Fred - A Side Effect of Technology in Instruction

5. Asgill, Austin B. and Bellarmine, Thomas G. - Effective Distance Delivery of Technical Courses through Interactive Instruction
Workshop 3: Using Case Histories for Teaching Design, P.K. Raju and Chetan S. Sankar

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