ASEE Zone 2 Conference 2017

Student Posters Proceedings

Jenmarie Acevedo, Heidy Sierra, Roxanna Vazquez
Avara Manufacturing Industry Utility Steam Improvemets

Josue Albarran, Reniel Irizarry, Maria Jimenez, Karina Martinez, Hernan Miranda, Edna Rivera, Pedro Rivera
The Tech. Carnival: A STEM Outreach Program for HS Students

Tilaye Alemayehu, Sasan Haghani, Nian Zhang
Development of A Nearest-Neighbor Method (NNM) Method for Annual Streamflow Prediction

José Almodóvar-Faría, Jonathan Montañez
Bluetad Mobile Application

Vinicius Alves, Joao Borba, Rodrigo Couto, Paul Harpe, Stephen Hill, Pedro Maleson, Dorina Mihut
Incorporation of Impact Erosion and Corrosion Behavior of Multi-layer Metallic Nitride Structures Deposited on Various Metal Substrates into a Lab-Based Class

Vinicius Alves, Joao Borba, Rodrigo Couto, Paul Harpe, Stephen Hill, Pedro Maleson, Dorina Mihut, Ryan Patterson
Study of the Heat Treatment and Surface Coatings Influence on the Erosion Behavior of Aluminum and Steel Alloy

Sergio Alzate Drada, Edna Rivera Sepulveda, Natalie Rivera Torres, Luis Torres Soto
Hardware in the Loop Simulation of a Photovoltaic Generator using a Texas Instrument Platform

Alejandro Aponte, Francisco Matos
Photovoltaic Testing: Low-Cost Smart Solar Simulator

Guillermo Araya, Carlos Caro, Jose Lugo, Daniel Rodriguez, Gabriel Torres
Immersive virtual reality approach for fluid dynamics applications

Pnina Ari-Gur, Andrew Kline, Carlos Soto
Cold-rolling of Novel Mg Alloys

Jennifer Asselin, Lamar Bostick, Chris Knippenberg, Todd Schweisinger, John Wagner, Hayden Wilson
Improving the Efficiency of a Savonius Wind Turbine Learning Module Experiment for Distance Learning Courses

Elizabeth Ayala, Julienne Deynes, Maria Hernandez, Lourdes Medina, Sabrina Sierra
The Science Behind the Creation of a Design Challenge for Research

Elizabeth Ayala, Joshua Bonilla, Jessica Gonzalez, Lourdes Medina
Characterizing Teamwork in Google Docs as a Web-based Collaborative Environment

Kaitlyn Babiarz, Anna Barr, Jason Bensur, Blake Dantio, Leilani King, Sabrina Rider, Alexis Stahl, Nicholas Williams
Gannon University- Globally Utilized Tabletop Sterilizer

Georgios Bakirtzis, Afroditi Filippas, Umar Hasni, Hiba Nabi, Angelica Sunga
Developing a new, online, modular Introduction to Engineering class – A student’s perspective

Anna Barr, Sidney Smith
Design of Portable Filtration Device for Arsenic Removal for use in Developing Countries

Tia Belvin, Jonathan Farji, Fazil Najafi, Jonathan Robuck, Maxwell Sibner, Cody Wilde
Renewable Energy Harvested Through Kinetic Flywheels and DC Motors and its Impact on Engineering Education

Carlos Birriel-Martinez , Alberto Cruz-Rosario, Wilma Pabon-Ramirez
Car Maintenance and Services: An Appointment Scheduling Program

Taylor Broach, Phil Lunsford, John Pickard
Academic Network Operations Center (ANOC) Project

Jonathan Burkeen, Michael LePage, Brandon Roberts
Art Stamper

Ivan Caballero, Stephanie García, José Natal, Edwin Rivera, Yomar Ruiz
3D Point Cloud Exploitation for Line of Sight Analysis

Andres F. Calle, Jorge D. De Jesus SIlva, Oscar M. Suarez
Fabrication of Novel Aluminum Welding Fillers Reinforced with NbB2 Nanoparticles

Hector L. Carrasco Rodriguez, Miguel A. Goenaga-Jimenez
Autonomous Hybrid Power Generation System for Low-Power Applications as Public Lighting and Homemade Hydroponic Systems in Puerto Rico.

Nicole Castiel, Michelle Gonzalez Arias Gonzalez-Arias
Design and Construction of an Airplane Seat Adaptable Device for a Person with Cerebral Palsy

Eduardo Castillo-Charris, Miguel A. Goenaga-Jimenez
Analysis of Spatial-Spectral Relationships in Real Hyperspectral Imaging to use for Hyperspectral Unmixing.

Michael Concepcion
Synthesis, Characterization and Swelling Ratios of pH-Sensing Solid-State Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents

Anika Coolbaugh, Lizzie Santiago, Sai Sadhika Veeramachaneni
Promoting Critical Thinking Skills in Non-Calculus Ready First Year Engineering Students

Jorge Cruz-Agosto, Wilma Pabon-Ramirez, Luis Rivera-Gotay, Javier Sanchez-Navarro
NovaCode: A Smart Money Manager Application

Jaimar Cruz-Cabrera, Eduardo Hidalgo-Rijo, Wilma Pabon-Ramirez, Fabian Velez-Vicente
SERVISER: A Car Maintenance and Repair Tracking Program

Christopher Cuevas, Christina Finizio, Mayuko Mizutani, Fazil Najafi, Nicholas Thomas
Comparative Analysis of Success Factors for Waste Anaerobic Digestion Globally and Their Educational Potential for Engineering Institutions through the Integration of Interdisciplinary Approaches

Lisandro F. Cunci-Perez, Miguel A. Goenaga-Jimenez, Jenipher D. González Aponte
Image Processing Based Bio-Sensing System for Cancer Cells Detection

Ricardo Davila, Juan M Fernandez, Maria M Garcia-Sandoval, Grabiel Melo-Figueroa
Why food comes cold to the customer's table?. Statistical Analysis of the process of delivering food in a restaurant

Julienne Deynes, Maria Hernandez, Lourdes Medina, Sabrina Sierra
RealTimePC: An Outreach Initiative to Transform Industrial Engineering

Austin Engle, Dylan Grove, Collin Longenecker, James Paetkau, Ben Stutzman, Esther Tian, Ben Zook
Sustainable Stationary Bicycle

Silvia Esteves, Hildélix Soto, O. Marcelo Suárez

Carlos Feliciano Morales
Piezoelectric Template

David Florian-Algarin, Michelle Marrero-Garcia, Angelisse Ramos-Morales, Oscar Marcelo Suarez
The Portevin-Le Chatelier Phenomenon in Al-Mg Alloys Containing Nanoparticles

Jonathan Fortis, Luis Santiago
Fuzzy Logic Controller Realization Using Microcontrollers

Shubhankar Gandhi, Thomas James, John Micheal Van Treek
Starting a New Technology Business in the Drone Marketspace

Joan Garcia-Torres, Nicole Mendez-Santos, Manuel-Jose Perez-Vargas, Grexarie Torres-Caraballo
Project Lapsus

Enrique Gonzalez, Heriberto Pujols, Aidsa Santiago
Curriculum Evaluation of the Transportation Engineering Courses Using the Outcome-Base-Education Framework

Francisco Alejandro Granado Santos, Monica Jorge, Mayra Mendez Pinero
The design and construction of a removable respirator and oxygen tank adapter for a scooter wheelchair

Greg Hamoui, Zachary Jones, Brandon Lewis, Jacob McDaniel

Paul Harpe, Stephen Hill, Laura Lackey, Khang Le, Dorina Mihut, Elizabeth Oliver, Ronaldo Trento
Antibacterial Effects of Silver and Copper Nanoparticles Deposited by High Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering on Water Filtering Materials

Rodnie Hernandez, Carlos Rivera
Experimentation and Analysis of the PGA900 to Find New Fields of Application

Matthew Kauffman, Timothy Mohr
Design and Implementation of Tremolo Effect Circuit

Shankar Krishnan, Teresa Paczuska
Applications and Challenges of RFID in Hospitals

Nicole Lopez, Fernando Ortiz, Kenneth Padro
VESO-Drone: A Novel Drone-Carried Service System for Emergency Response Applications

Perla Lopez, Alexamar Rosario, Jomary Torres
Water Disinfection Alternatives

Oscar Marcelo Suárez, Jossmarlyn Montanez Rivera, Hildelix Soto Toro

Charles Margraves, Dillon Sluss
A Hydroelectric Phone Charger

Félix Martínez, Faviola Villariny
The RUM3D Project

Iraida Martínez, Amanda Dee Moreno-Hernández, Cristina Pomales-García
Design of an ergonomic coffee basket to increase worker productivity and comfort

Johana Mercado-Colón, Cristina Pomales-García, Zairelys Reyes-Rivera
Impact of Materials Science and Engineering Clubs on students expectations and perceived challenges toward pursuing higher education degrees

Luis Millán, Rolando Ortiz, Luis Padró, Leslie Soto
Multi-sensor Buoys for Underwater Data Collection

Fazil Najafi, Meg Simms
A case study of photovoltaic cost effectiveness in Gainesville, Florida and its educational value


Estela Ortiz, Gerardo Rodríguez
Brassier Retrofitting

Christopher Pagan-Rodriguez, Oscar Salgado-García
Automated Rain Shield for a Mechanical Wheelchair

Raisamarie Robles Colon, Richard Rosario Santiago
3D Rum

Paula Sanjuan Espejo
Second Language Acquisition in a Blended Learning of programming languages (SLA-aBLe): Students respond to new materials

Stephanie Villanueva
Recycling onto functional domestic artifacts: an educational and technical endeavor

Author List of Published Papers Proceedings

John Abbitt, Bruce Carroll, John Schueller
Learning Through Re-Engineering Historic Machinery

Ikhlas Abdel-Qader, Betsy Aller, Andrew Kline, Edmund Tsang
The S-STEM Scholars Program: A Look Back and Lessons Learned

Chadia Affane Aji, M.Javed Khan
Mental Rotation Skills and Academic Success A Case Study at an HBCU

Chadia Affane Aji, M.Javed Khan
A Comparison of Teaching Modalities for Student Success

Arthur Affleck, Chutima Boonthum-Denecke, Elaine Dietz, Jean Muhammad, Otsebele Nare, Marci Turner
Developing Engineering and Computer Science Skills for Middle School Minority Male Student

Ranjeet Agarwla, Wendell Collie, Jimmy Linn, John Pickard
Making Online Industrial Engineering Technology Education a Reality: An Assessment of the Tools and Technologies that Facilitate Remote Lab Instruction

Mahesh Aggarwal, Robert Michael
Creation and Integration of a New Manufacturing Lab into the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

Pouyan Ahmadi, Khondkar Islam, Salman Yousaf
An Empirical Study of Teaching Methodologies and Learning Outcomes for Online and in-class Networking Course Sections

Nasser Alaraje, Siddharth Parmar, Aleksandr Sergeyev
Teaching Industry Relevant and Application Oriented Skills in Automation and Control by Developing State-of-the-Art Integrated Robotic Workcell

Arjumand Ali
Methods to Improve Students Learning in Dynamic Systems and Control Course

A. Nastasia Allred, Pedro E. Arce, J. Robby Sanders
TWork in Progress: The “Cilindro Rotador” as a Pedagogical Tool for Complex Engineering Systems

Abdulmajjid Alrashidy, Fazil Najafi
A Comparison of Civil Engineering Education at the University of Hail, Saudi Arabia and the University of Florida

Yazid Amrani, Gaetan Tchewa, Farshid Zabihian

Ronald Anderson, Dylan Squires, Eugene Torigoe
Thiel College Electronic Invention Camp: An Outreach Initiative for Pre-College Inventors

Mark Angolia, Taylor Broach, Phil Lunsford, John Pickard
Building a Sustainable ICT Remote Access Lab through Student Lab-Worker Projects

Holly Anthony, Wilson Christopher, Stephen Robinson
Math Success for STEM Majors: Active Learning Strategies and Engineering Contexts

Pedro E. Arce, Morgan L. Bocci, J. Robby Sanders
Work in Progress: Increasing Student Knowledge Acquisition and Transfer Through the Use of Heuristics in a Team/Lab-Based Protein Engineering Course

Mark Archibald, Rachel Bolen
An Experimental Study on the Efficiency of Bicycle Transmissions

Mark Archibald
Betting your Grade: Using Introductory Statistics to Teach Data-Driven Decision Making

Catherine Armwood, Marie Hammond, S. Keith Hargrove, Tonya McKoy
Persistence of African American Females in Engineering: The Identity Factor

Rashida Askia, Joni Lakin
It Won’t Sell Itself: Promoting K-12 Teacher and School Buy-In for University-Led Programs

S. Zahra Atiq , David Cox, Jennifer DeBoer, Casey Lynn Haney, Jawaria Qureshey
Understanding lived experiences of students in a blended-learning neuroscience MOOC

Kenly Ayres, Trevor Elliott, Chuck Margraves
Introducing Sustainability to Secondary Level Students Using Automated Tracking Solar Arrays

Samuel Babatunde, Fazil Najafi
Overcoming The Challenges of Implementing Offshore Wind Farm Development In The U.S. Through Education and Research

Kaitlyn Babiarz, Anna Barr, Jason Bensur, Blake Dantio, Leilani King, Sabrina Rider, Alexis Stahl, Nicholas Williams
Development and Design of a Medical Sterilizer for Mission Hospitals

Georgios Bakirtzis, Alen Docef, Afroditi Filippas, Arthur French, Umar Hasni, Hiba Nabi, Angelica Sunga
The Freshman Experience: A Modular Approach to Experiential Learning

Smitesh Bakrania
Are Steam Tables Running Out Of Steam?

Javad Baqersad, Yaomin Dong, Craig Hoff, Azadeh Sheidaei
Design with Composite Materials – a New Course Development for Designers and Technicians

Javad Baqersad, Yaomin Dong, Craig Hoff, Azadeh Sheidaei
Joining Aluminum to Aluminum and Dissimilar Materials – a New Course Development for Designers and Technicians

Erik Bardy, Madeline Mitchell
Energetic vs. Exergetic Efficiency of Food Drying Via Forced Convection with and without Electrohydrodynamic Enhancement

Marilyn Barger, Richard Gilbert
Florida Pathways to Engineering Technology Careers

Shelia Barnett, Joan Burtner, Melinda Hollingshed
Helping Engineering Students Decide on the Advantages of Obtaining Lean or Six Sigma Certification

Elise Barrella, Charles Cowan, Mary Katherine Watson
Expert Evaluation of a Sustainable Design Rubric

Oscar Barton, Jr, Cindy Dupree, Robert Gallo
Curricula and Program Innovations to Enhance the Professional Readiness of Mechanical Engineering Graduates

Patrick Bass, Emily Book, Monika Bubacz, Jason Geathers, Jason Howison, Robert Rabb, Kevin Skenes
ABET Program Assessment (A.P.A) for a New Engineering Program

Suzanne Berliner-Heyman, Rosa Cano, Jacqueline Cusack, Linda S. Hirsch
The Effectiveness of Single-Gender Engineering Enrichment Programs: A Follow-up Study

Pablo Biswas, Scott Schultz
Opportunistic Engineering – A Student Project That Keeps on Giving

John Blake, Chester Little, William Longhurst
Manufacturing Engineering Technology Program Addition of a Sustainability Option

Lori Bland
Faculty Development as Process: Perils in Evaluation

Lori Bland
Applying Psychometric Theory to the Examination of Learning within Informal Engineering Learning Environments

Joshua Boley, Gregory Harstine, Andrew Milks
Low Cost Lab Equipment Implementation of a Machinery & Controls Course in Engineering Technology

Bryan Boulanger, David Johnstone
Can the Use of Guided Notes Lead to more Efficient Instruction?

Troy Brachey, Christopher D. Wilson
Observations after Taking a Pre-Calculus Course

Joanne Brenes, Angie Escalante-Santana, Angel Gonzalez-Lizardo, Omayra Rivera-Castro, Ernesto Ulloa-Davila
Early Undergraduate Research Experience using Affinity Research Groups for Hispanic Engineering Students

Cara Broshkevitch, William Guilford, Shayn Peirce-Cottler, Daniel Tavakol
A Student-Taught Course bringing Research to the Introductory Biomedical Curriculum

Kweku Brown, William Davis, Dimitra Michalaka
Student Perception of Teamwork Skills and Experiences Across Prerequisite Courses in Transportation Engineering at The Citadel

Kweku Brown, Simon Ghanat
Pedagogical Techniques Employed in an Engineering Drawing Course

Kweku Brown, J. Michael Grayson, Timothy Wood
Faculty and Student Perceptions of Plickers

Monika Bubacz, Luiz Dos Reis
Presenting a more efficient approach to teach Materials Science

Monika Bubacz, Simon Ghanat, James Grayson, Michael Woo
From Analyzing Geotechnical Failures to Generating and Solving Crossword Puzzles: Adding Variety to a Geotechnical Engineering Course

Dan Budny, Beth Newborg
Integrating a Career Conference into the First Year Curriculum

Susan Burkett, Rachel Frazier, Eric Giannini, Debra McCallum, Garrett Quenneville, Stephanie Wood
Entrepreneurial Training for REU Students

Joan Burtner, Melinda Hollingshed
The Case for Lean Six Sigma Certifications for Engineering Faculty

Ivan Cabezas, Beatriz Grass, Walter Magaña, Rocio Segovia
Lessons Learned During the ABET Readiness Review Process by the Engineering Faculty at Universidad De San Buenaventura in Cali-Colombia

Guanghsu Chang
Introducing an Industrial Robotics Course to Manufacturing Engineering Program at GSU

Guanghsu Chang
Using interconnected CMM laboratory Modules for Geometric Dimension and Tolerancing, Metrology and Manufacturing processes area courses: Lessons Learned

Kenneth Chelst, Joi-Lynn Mondisa
Developing an Integrated Mathematics and Human Factors Engineering Curriculum for Middle School Students

Hongyun Chen, Shuo Pang, Lulu Sun
Students’ Perception of Flipped Classroom Design in Engineering Courses

Sviatlana Chesser, Claire McCullough, Bart Weathington
Subtle and Not-So-Subtle Messages of Non-Inclusion

Shao - Hui Natalie Chuang, Hani Elsayed-Ali
Assessment of the electrical and computer engineering senior design projects at Old Dominion University

Carmen Cioc, Sorin Cioc, Richard Springman
Using the Capstone Senior Design Project to Retrofit or Design Laboratory Demonstration Units

Stephany Coffman-Wolph, Kimberlyn Gray, Marcia Pool
Design of a Virtual Escape Room for K-12 Supplemental Coursework and Problem Solving Skill Development

Claire Dancz, Aaron Gordon, Jeffery Plumblee
Autoethnographical reflections of an immersive development engineering program

Naranja Davis, Pamela Leggett-Robinson, Cynthia Lester, Brandi Villa
Increasing College Opportunity in STEM Education through High School Visitation Day at the Two-Year College

Karen De Urquidi, Allison Godwin, Matthew Ohland
The Benefits and Costs of Shortening Time to Graduation

Elizabeth Dell, Yen Verhoeven
Self Determination Theory to Develop Strategies for the Retention of Women in Engineering and Engineering Technology Programs

Todd Delong, Harry Powell, Ronald Williams
Development of Concept-Linking Inventories for a Breadth-First Approach in Electrical Engineering Fundamentals Pedagogy

Niranjan Desai, Lucas Neuhold
Understanding the reasons behind the decreasing enrollment numbers in engineering programs in the United States

Niranjan Desai
A case for the inclusion of structural dynamics in undergraduate structural engineering programs

Niranjan Desai, Nuri Zeytinoglu
Introduction of a “project” component into the sophomore-level “Statics: Basic Mechanics” course

Niranjan Desai, George Stefanek
A literature review of the different approaches that have been implemented to increase retention in engineering programs across the United States

Greg Duke
Design and Development of a Pediatric Therapeutic Device Using NASA’s Systems Engineering Processes

Robert Edwards, Liyong Sun
A Simple Experiment to Enhance Student Learning in the Area of Fins

Louie Elliott, Christina Vogel, Cecelia Wigal
Teaming and Designing for Art for All - Work in Progress

Ning Fang, Ashton Jessup, Collen Kretzer, Moe Tajvidi
Work in Progress: The Effects of Computer Simulation and Animation on Student Metacognition During Engineering Dynamics Learning

Masoud Fathizadeh
Alternative Energy Pros and Cons and How to Teach

Afroditi Filippas, Lorraine Parker
Dean’s Early Research Initiative (DERI) – Pathways to STEM

David Fleming, Matthew Jensen, Paige Sanchez
Crashworthiness of a Jet Dragster

Coleman Floyd, Kyle Johnson, Robert Rabb
Engineering Internships – Individual and Program Assessment

Patricia Fox, Scott Goldman, Charles McIntyre
Leading Diverse Engineering Organizations

Dana Franz, Shelly Hollis, Jessica Ivy, Sarah Lee, Donna Reese
Exploring Pathways to Developing Self-Efficacy in New Computer Science Teachers

Christina Frederick, Rebecca Rohmeyer, Paula Sanjuan Espejo, Lulu Sun
A Human Factors Perspective on Learning Programming Languages using a Second Language Acquisition Approach

Seamus Freyne, Veera Gnaneswar Gude, Dennis Truax
Understanding student personality trends for curriculum development

Christina Gardner-McCune, Juan Gilbert, Jessica Jones, Sanethia Thomas

Ashraf Ghaly
Developing Knowledge of Infrastructure Sustainability Using the ENVISION Rating System

Simon Ghanat, J. Michael Grayson Grayson, Timothy A. Wood
Use of Active versus Passive Learning Pedagogies in a Statics course to Address Variations in Student Performance between Course Sections

Simon Ghanat, James Grayson, Dimitra Michalaka
Study of Pre- and Post-Test Surveys in an Engineering Economy Course

Juan Gilbert, Darryl McCune, Stephen Roberts, Curtis Taylor, Jeremy Waisome
Building Communities through the Creation of Dialogues

Juan E. Gilbert, Jessica N. Jones, Naja A. Mack, Tiffanie R. Smith
Updated AADMLSS: Design and Evaluation of a Culturally Relevant Algebra Application

Allan Gonyo
Engaging the Engineering Community

Enrique Gonzalez, Heriberto Pujols, Aidsa Santiago
Curriculum Evaluation of the Transportation Engineering Courses Using the Outcome-Base-Education Framework

Danielle Grimes, Dr. Jean Mohammadi-Aragh
A Discussion of the Barriers Present to Female Engineering Students

Veera Gnaneswar Gude
Relevance of Sustainable Design Projects in Environmental Engineering Education

Veera Gnaneswar Gude
Writing as an essential tool to teach environmental engineering design concepts

Mustafa Guvench
Sensors and Actuators Designed and Fabricated in a Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) Course Using Standard MEMS Processes

Ashley Hill, Joni Lakin
Work in Progress: Am I an engineer yet? Perceptions of identity among first year students

Timothy Holt, Andrew Milks
Radio Frequency Power Meter Design Project

Pyoyoon Hong
Structural Engineering Education by Incorporating Visual Understanding and Interactive Learning

Anna Howard
New Video Tool for Demonstrations in Distance Education Statics

Robert H. Hunt, L. Yu Lin

María Irizarry, Mayra I. Méndez-Piñero, Cristina Pomales-García
Industrial Engineering Students Making a Difference - Capstone Design Projects Impacting Adults with Disabilities

Thomas James, John Michael Van Treeck
Comparison of Student and Faculty Perceptions of Intent and Effectiveness of Course Evaluations in an Engineering Curriculum

William Janna, Jeffrey Marchetta, Paul Palazolo
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Experiment: Calibration of a Semi Circular Weir

Hodge Jenkins
Review of Project-Based Learning in a Junior Level Mechanical Engineering Course

Manuel Jimenez Cedeño, Danilo Rojas Mendez, Aidsa Santiago Roman
Integrating Modular Strategies into an Embedded System Design Laboratory: An Outcome-Based Educational Approach

Rachel Kajfez, Rachel McCord, Courtney Smith-Orr
An Initial Exploration: Perspectives from Graduate Teaching Assistants

M. A. Karim
Importance and Sequence of Laboratory Course in Environmental Engineering: A Case Study

Andrew Kelley, Michael MacCarthy, Gabriel Ramirez, Kyla Semmendinger
Improving Household Environmental Practices in Central Georgia: Low-Cost Renewable Energy Systems

Kyle Kershaw, Matthew Lovell, Jennifer Mueller-Price
Creation of On-Campus Living Laboratories for Improved Student Learning

Adeel Khalid
Enhancing Learning using Gas Turbine Engine Simulation and Analysis

M. Javed Khan, Marcia Rossi, Christine Schnittka, Fan Wu
Teamwork Using an Authentic Product Development Environment

Jennifer Kidd, Pilar Pazos, Stacie Ringleb
WIP: Introducing engineering principles into PreK-6 through a service learning partnership

Daniel King, Esther Tian
A collaborative design project between introductory engineering and physics classes

Alta Knizely, Rogelio Luck, Aaron Smith
A product dissection project designed for student motivation and retention in an introduction to engineering course

Alta Knizley, Rogelio Luck, Aaron Smith
Multi-Disciplinary Approach to an Undergraduate Engineering Analysis Course

Deborah Kuzawa
More than Recruitment and Outreach: Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering Education Curricula and Classrooms

Keith Landry
A Multisensory Approach to Improving Student Efficacy in an Introductory Steel Design Course

CHAO LI, Antonio Soares
Overview of ABET Accredited Online Engineering/Engineering Technology Programs in the US

Zhongming (Wilson) Liang
Geometric Redundancy in CAD Instructions

Chester Little
Chemical Engineering Technology Program Conversion to an Online Certificate

Loraine Lowder, Cody Meeks, Valmiki Sooklal
Development of Low Cost Experimental Measurement Solutions for Capstone Design

Michael MacCarthy, Monica Resto, Kenneth Trout
Low-Cost Groundwater Development: Manual Drilling in Academic Research and Training

Nina Magpili, Pilar Pazos, Zikai Zhou
Developing critical collaboration skills in project based courses

Roop Mahajan
Engineering Curriculum for a Global Village

Nima Mahmoodi, Beth Todd
Capstone Design for a Growing Program

James Maley, Jan Tyler
Thinking Foundation for Product-Process-People Model

Kenneth Marek
Evaluation of immediate feedback tools in an undergraduate statics/solid mechanics course

Clint Martin, Peter Rogers
Enriching the Experiential Learning Experience through Inverted Classrooms

Frederic McKenzie
Continuous Improvement for a Unique Modeling and Simulation Engineering Program

Galyna Melnychuk, James Warnock
Investigation of Myths and Realities of Studying Abroad

Dimitra Michalaka, Laura Russo, Mary Katherine Watson
Introduce a Girl To Engineering Day: Assessment and Future Directions

Richard Mines
Observations on Using the Flipped Classroom Model in an Introduction to Environmental Engineering Course

Timothy Mohr
Enhancing Student Engagement in an Electrical Engineering Course for Non-majors Using Project-Based Homework

Laura Moody
Evaluating the Effect of “Flipping the Classroom” in a Probability and Statistics Course: A Plan for Formal Assessment

Nancy Moore
Impact of Assigned Seating in a Flipped Course on Student Performance

Fredrick Nitterright
Update on Managing Engineering and Engineering Technology Summer Internships for Academic Credit

Shane Palmquist
Capstone Project: Competition Challenges Students

Shane Palmquist
Professional Practice: Teaching the Value of Licensure

Nathalia Peixoto, Padmanabhan Seshaiyer
Engaging Students through DICE: Design Thinking, Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

Alison Polasik, Teresa Shiverdecker
Identifying Changes in Teacher Practice: The Addition of an Online Journal in a Mixed Methods Study

Kuldeep Rawat
WIP: K-12 Aerospace Academy Program at ECSU: Implementation and Evaluation

Kuldeep Rawat
WIP: Mobile STEM Learning Lab Initiative to Expand Engineering Education to Rural Counties

Anand Richard
Writing Mini Protocol Stacks as an aid to teaching networking protocols

Sindia Rivera-Jiménez, R. Keith Stanfill, P.E.
Meeting new institutional goals by renovating a 20-year-old industry- sponsored capstone design course

Sahid Rosado Lausell, Valeri Werpetinski
Developing Critical Consciousness to Promote Engineering for Social Justice: A Pilot Program to Enhance STEM Outreach and Engineering Education through Service-Learning

Aleksandr Sergeyev, Jacob Staniszewski
Design and Development of A Low-Voltage, Low-Current 3-Phase Power Enabled Lab Bench

Rocky Taylor
Engineering Knowledge Capture and Enhancing Academic Institutional Memory to Support Cyclical Industrial Sectors

Joanna Thomas
Identifying Potential Causes of Attrition in the Biomedical Engineering Specialization at Mercer University

Massood Towhidnejad
Teaching Systems Engineering During the First Semester

Johannes van Oostrom
Enhancing student success by providing video recordings of traditional lectures

Karinna Vernaza
Developing Team-work Skills in a First-Year Seminar

Valeri Werpetinski
Engaging Engineering Students with Non-Engineering Majors in Interdisciplinary Service-Learning Projects: A Model for Engineering Everywhere for Everyone

Craig Wise
Teaching Soil Mechanics to the Would-Be Construction Professional

Jaewan Yoon
Randomized Factorial Experimental Design (RFD) Concept in Student Learning Effectiveness Assessment in Engineering Curricula


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