Author Instructions for 2021 ASEE-SE Conference

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When you receive notification that your abstract has been accepted, the Technical Program Chair will provide instructions for submitting your draft version of the full manuscript. Use the template below to prepare your files for submission. If you feel that an appendix is necessary to enhance your paper, it is requested that you limit it to one page.


The Southeastern Section Conference proceedings will be published in a digital format. Papers must be prepared using the conference proceedings formatting instructions shown below.

Use the Open Office/Word document file as a template to prepare the paper and then upload a PDF version of the paper at the conference paper submission website.

Open Office 2021 Paper Template document file
(updated October 30, 2020)

Reviewers of the draft manuscripts prefer your paper to include line numbers to facilitate the review process. This will allow reviewers to reference exact locations of the manuscript in their comments. The ASEE-SE Section has adopted a new commitment to implementing a double-blind peer review where both the reviewers and author identities are concealed during the review process. In order to ensure a double-blind peer review process, authors will need to submit a Blinded Manuscript as their initial/draft PDF for review. Detailed Instructions and a sample file are provided:


Updated ASEE-SE Author’s Instructions for Draft, Blinded Manuscript (pdf File)

Sample Draft, Blinded Manuscript with line numbers (Word File)

Sample Draft, Blinded Manuscript with line numbers (pdf File)


To upload the draft, blinded paper using line numbers, please go to the conference paper submission website


Each Full Paper should be 6 to 10 pages, not including references and biographical information.

Each Work-in-Progress Paper should be 3 to 4 pages, not including references and biographical information.